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Introduction and first chapter of Peter Hawkin's new book


Challenging Coaching Free Chapter

Going beyond traditional coaching to face the FACTS.

Free chapter of the book by Ian Day and John Blakey

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When is coaching therapy, and how and when have you combined both with the same client?

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The Corporate Entrepreneur driving innovation through coaching

Developing Corporate Entrepreneurs to drive innovation in the Twenty-First Century

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What impact does a leader's mindfulness have on their people?

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Internal Coaching The Inside Story

by Katherine St John-Brooks.

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This extract should not be reproduced without permission of the author.

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Coaching To Unlock the Potential of Disabled People

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Changing Corporate Culture One Person at a Time

Rina Goldenberg Lynch
Founder and MD, Voice At The Table Ltd

Empowering women to speak up and progress on their own terms

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Great Leaders know when to be great followers

Anthony Gell
Author, The Book of Leadership

As an AoEC coach you're going to be whip-smart and super-wise, and as such you'll know the answer to this question...

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‘The New Rules of Career Success’ by Scott Steinberg

According to researchers at IBM, constant change is the new normal in business, and uncertainty the only uncertain


Team and Group Coaching - Free Chapter

Given that the concept of ‘team coaching’ is still relatively new, the notion of the Gestalt approach to team coaching is at leading edge. In this chapter, we will be looking at how the core principles of Gestalt Coaching at Work apply to working in groups and teams

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The Fertile Void: Gestalt Coaching at Work

A practical, accessible, and yet genuinely authoritative handbook on the application of Gestalt to the world of executive coaching. In The Fertile Void John Leary-Joyce, a pioneer of Gestalt coaching, distils a lifetime's experience of Gestalt psychotherapy, coaching and coach training.

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Systemic Team Coaching Diploma Brochure

A one year training programme